TeamSESH is an independent record label founded by Bones, who also releases all of his music under the label. 

In 2016 It was announced that a SESH album is set released. The album You Are All To Blame was released the same year.

SESH also run an audiovisual social media project called SESHDIGITAL. Primarily on Twitter and YouTube  It allows fans to gain regconition for their own skills by making SESH-themed content and tagging the latter.


List of all TeamSESH members:

Former members:Edit


BonesFifty GrandDylan RossDrip-133GreafVergard VesleliaCat SoupHnrkCurtis HeronDrew The Architect Smitty The BGGhostnghoulMidnight SwimJesusMessiah
Hollow Squad
Xavier Wulf
Water Boyz Entertainment
Chris TravisDylan RossBlack Smurf
Healthy Boyz Corperation
Eddy Baker
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